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Multiply in Moscow

2017. december 11.
The Russian Baptist Union organized the Mission Conference “Multiply” from November 29 – December 2, 2017 in Moscow, Russia. It commenced with the grand presentation of M4 church planting program by Josif Makarenko, the mission director and Aleksey Smirnov, the Union’s president preaching on the Great Commission.

Baptist Union of Romania

2017. december 4.

Anabaptism: a living tradition inspiring the church in Belgrade

2017. december 1.
Alexandra Ellish: The subject which most captured the imaginations and enthusiasm of the church in Belgrade centred around a key Anabaptist conviction: that Jesus in the person of the Holy Spirit is present and active in every member of the church community and that each person has something to give, say or contribute in the life of the community.

Baptiist Union of Moldova

2017. november 27.

Mission despite obstacles

2017. november 21.
Baptist congregations in Turkey form a young network to cooperate together for the common goal of witnessing and overcoming obstacles.

Baptist Union of Poland

2017. november 20.

A Call for Prayer from Lebanon

2017. november 13.
Lebanon, has an important and strategic role to play in the Middle East region. And the Church has an invaluable role to play both in Lebanon and beyond. We already see encouraging fruits, outcome of the ministry of compassion that the Church is leading amongst people affected by the Syria war. We do not want another war in the region, nor can we handle more pain and suffering in our country.

IBTSC looking for a new Director

2017. november 13.
IBTSC is looking to appoint a suitably qualified person to the post of Director of IBTSC who will carry forward the IBTSC commitment to deliver high quality theological education and research from a baptistic perspective in an international context.

Portuguese Baptist Convention

2017. november 6.

Major report on Religious Freedom launched at Westminster

2017. november 3.
Religious freedom should become a political priority for the UK and other Governments, not only for the benefits of adherents under pressure but also in the battle against radicalisation.

Baptist Union of Scotland

2017. október 30.

Baptist Union of Scotland

2017. október 30.

Baptist Union of Hungary

2017. október 23.

Civil society plays a crucial role in European refugee situation

2017. október 19.
The European Refugee situation is settling down. There are no more masses arriving, many procedures are in place and quarrels over the quota are given to the European Court of Justice to solve. Is the crisis over? This was one of the questions asked at the annual meeting of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) that took place in Tallinn, Estonia from 16 to 18 October 2018.

EBF Anti-trafficking Working Group meeting in The Netherlands

2017. október 17.
The EBF Anti-Trafficking Working Group met in The Netherlands from October 8th-10th in Lauran Bethell’s home to plan for the coming year.